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September 2013



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This Angel will definitely keep you awake and guessing!

SLEEPING ANGEL, by Greg Herren, is one of those novels that drew me in right from the get go with its intriguing story of High School teen Eric Matthews waking up in the hospital after a horrific car crash suffering from amnesia. To add to the mystery, the body of his estranged childhood friend Sean is found in the backseat of the car, apparently dead of a gunshot wound, leading many in the community to suspect Eric of murder.

What unfolds is a taut thriller, as Eric races to put the puzzle pieces of his missing memory together to discover whether or not he is indeed a killer, or if the real killer is still out there, waiting to strike against him before he can recover.

Though this novel is written with simplistic prose, the author does a great job creating an atmosphere of mystery and ratcheting up the tension as the pieces begin to fall into place, although the identity of the murderer is perhaps telegraphed prematurely.

However, that being said, the one aspect of the novel that didn't work for me was a psychic subplot, regarding Eric's newfound ability to touch people and read their minds/see visions of the future, a la Stephen King's Johnny Smith in THE DEAD ZONE. This element seems very out of place, is not really developed, ultimately plays no role in the main amnesia/murder plot, and feels like it was shoehorned-in just to capitalize on the paranormal trend.

Despite this element, the novel succeeds as an engrossing page turner that also tackles the timely issues of bullying against GLBTQ teens. You can order it here.