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September 2013



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My Upcoming Debut Novel Has A Cover!

Here it is, the cover of the first book in my new Post-Apocalyptic Young Adult Torch Keeper series, THE CULLING:

It's been a long time coming, ten years if you start counting from the time I first dreamed of writing a novel and actually getting it published. I must say, this has been the most fun part of the entire process so far!

Just to give you a little overview, on March 2, 2012, my Editor, Brian Farrey at Flux Books, sent me a nifty email jam-packed with all sorts of tidbits regarding a Launch Meeting (Sounds REALLY Official) they were going to be having where my then-titled book, The Torch Keeper was to be the guest of honor, something to do with title changes (Boo!) and soliciting cover ideas from me (Yay!).

Needless to say, within a day or two, I had flooded poor Brian with enough cover samples and descriptions to put Amazon to shame. What can I say? I like to be thorough.

Once the meeting took place on March 13, 2012, I was happy to learn that THE LAUNCH PEOPLE decided on an alternate title I had suggested, THE CULLING, and were going to use "The Torch Keeper" as the title to the series. So I got to have my cake and eat it, too. Not only that, but they decided on the cover direction based on my samples and communications with Brian, as well. All I had to do was wait several months for the Art Department to come up with something.

Imagine my surprise when, on April 10, 2012, less than a month later, I received an unexpected email surprise! (No, not some Royal Prince in Nigeria bequeathing his wealth to me). It was the first Cover Composite ("Comp" for those in the industry "Know." ;-) My fingers were trembling as I read the email on my phone. At first it was very strange, seeing someone else's interpretation of my ideas on a cover. Uh, maybe because I opened it on my phone and couldn't make out the image that well.

Needless to say, by the time I got to a computer and opened up the picture, I was thrilled that they'd captured the look and feel of the novel quite simply and effectively. The comp was made up of photos that would later be given to an illustrator to photo illustrate (i.e. use the photos as the basis for the illustrations). After giving Brian a few suggestions regarding what my main character should be wearing, providing other details to add to the tunnel, and recommending the best restaurants to eat at in SOBE (okay not the latter), I expected it would be a couple of more months before I got the next version.

Not exactly. It seems like the Art Department is composed of some very industrious eager beavers (No, I'm not talking of the Kardashian variety) and on April 20, a mere ten days later, I received a beautiful rendering of my cover that floored me with its awesomeness! The dark, creepy, gritty mood was PERFECT, as was the rendering of my main character, Lucian Spark, who, after what he suffers and endures in the novel, looked almost as battered and bloodied as a Black Friday Walmart customer.

Five days later, I received the final version of the cover that you see here, complete with added tag line, courtesy of moi. Unlike the above picture, the title on the actual book will be rendered utilizing fluorescent ink to really make it "POP" on the shelves with that futuristic glow! To add the book to your Goodreads Reading list, click here.

This cover represents a labor of love, complete with all the frustration and elation of writing and selling the novel and I'm proud to have my name displayed on it. It was a long hard road, and I sometimes felt like Lucian standing at the mouth of that dark, creepy, long and winding tunnel, not knowing what awaited at the other end. For me, I was able to find something wonderful once I got there. As for Lucian, you'll have to read the book to find out ;-)



I love the book and I truly can't want until next year for the other book. I'm just a little worried about Digory But it's an amazing book and I can't wait to read more for you.

Re: Fan

Thanks, Josh! I'm really glad you enjoyed the book and took the time to let me know! Book 2, THE SOWING, will be out March 8, 2014!